Jetson Tx2 mounts MP600 PRO LPX 4TB SSD,the write speed is only 14MB/S

We mount MP600 PRO LPX 4TB SSD which uses PCIe Gen4 technology and NVMe 1.4 protocol on jetons Tx2 flashed with linux kernel 4.9.
But the write speed is only 14MB/S on Tx2 and more than 4000MB/S when we plug the disk drive into the PC.
Is it caused by incompatibility? And how should we solve this problem?
Thank you!


I feel this is a case that is only to this MP600 SSD. Do you have other kind of SSD to test?

Yes.I tested SAMSUNG 970 pro SSD,the speed is 500MB+/S.
So I guess if Tx2 is not compatible with PCIE 4.0 interface or NVMe 1.4 protocol
Thank you!

Yes… TX2 only supports to PCIe GEN2.

But SAMSUNG 970 pro SSD uses PICE 3.0 interface.

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