Jetson V4l2 Encoder - how to stream?

Dear Everyone who sees this

We are looking to stream H265 video encoded from the Jetson V4l2 API

We have looked at the sample app “01_video_encode”, ran it successfully and modified it to take video from our source stream

That’s when we found out that there is no available sample code on how to add metadata after encoding and properly pack and send the encoded video over UDP to a common “decode and display” app(FFMPEG, GSTREAMER, VLC) running on a windows PC(all samples save to a file)

We would like to know how we do that, and why the API is not provided with an “encode and send” sample In the first place

Note that the reason we are not using Gstreamer for encoding because the ROI option is unavailable


Etay Markman

There is no existing implementation. You would need to refer to 3rdparty sample code and do implementation. May refer to ffmpeg or live555.

Or may try to integrate with gstreamer to run like:

appsrc ! h265parse ! rtph265pay ! udpsink

And implement code in appsrc to generate h265 stream.

Here are C samples of using appsrc for reference:
appsrc link to nvvidconv error with reason not-negotiated(-4) - #6 by DaneLLL
What is maximum video encoding resolution in pixels? - #11 by DaneLLL

thank you, ended up doing that with a FIFO because appsrc is pretty hard to set up

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