Jetson Xaiver using GPIO problem

Hi, I am using Jetson Xavier and raspberry pi

  1. Raspberry pi send signal to Jetson Xavier. They are connected by cable.

  2. Xavier take signal

  3. This is my code. I type any other to import
    if GPIO(25 or 22 or whatever) == 1:
    print(“Triggering OK”)
    print(“Waiting signal”)

  4. Raspberry pi signal is

  5. And I want to be “waiting signal” -> “triggering ok” -> “waiting signal”
    but it doesn’t. the signal is so instability. like “waiting signal” -> “triggering ok” -> “waiting signal” -> “triggering ok” -> “waiting signal” -> “triggering ok” -> “waiting signal” again and again. not stop.

I check voltage, ohm and current about Raspberry pi by using multimeter

voltage = 12v(when the signal come in), ohm, almost 0(when the signal come in, ohm is 0. usually 20) , current 0
I think jetson is something error.

what’s wrong is this on Jetson ??

Please guys help me

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?
Any status can be shared?


hello sangjoon1005,

may I know what’s the pins you’d for setup communications.
you may also refer to for the APIs, it provides an easy way to move applications running on the Raspberry Pi to the Jetson board.