Jetson Xavier AGX as an access point

Hey guys, so I have a Jetson Xavier AGX with a wifi adapter ( right now I am using an Intel 3165AC chip ) and I would like to use it as a hotspot/access point without having the Jetson connected to any other network, no ethernet, so that I could host a web server locally on the NVidia and access the webpage from any other device connected to the NVidia’s hotspot. Is that even possible and if it is how would I go about doing it?


  1. We don’t know whether 3165AC can directly work on the driver package we provided, you can verify it on your side first. Use the ubuntu desktop to try STA mode and AP mode and see if the connectivity is ok.

  2. The most common web server is Apache. This is not related to wifi ap. Which means you can use ethernet to validate the setup first if the wifi is not ok.

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