Configuring Jetson's Wifi without any external keyboard and/or mouse

Hi, I am trying to change the WiFi setting of the Jetson Xavier AGX development kit but I do not have access to any mouse or keyboard.

WHat options do I have ? Can I use my system to do so ?

  1. SSH into the machine (either using the known ip from Wifi or connect using the front usbc cable to a host pc, which will get you the ip for the jetson from the host)
  2. Use cli tools such as nmtui (curses based, “graphical” interface, easier) or nmcli

That’s the problem. I connected to the Jetson via SSH using a mutual Wifi. But as that hotspot source is not available right now, I need to connect the jetson to another Wifi.

  1. connect a usbc cable to the front port of the jetson to a host pc
  2. this creates a network between the host pc and your jetson, you dont have to do anything
  3. from your host pc: ssh user@, where user is the user on your jetson (the same you used before to connect through wifi). The IP is always that fixed ip, which you get using the usbc cable.
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Thank you so much. :)

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