IP Address does not show up for ethernet or USB wifi dongle connections

I need to be able to SSH into my Jetson Xavier from my laptop. However, my Jetson doesn’t have any IPV4 IP address associated with the ethernet cable, or the USB Wi-Fi dongle I use interchangeably to connect to Wi-Fi.

I’ve come across a few articles addressing similar issues, but am brand new to this world in general and so topics like DHCP configuration files goes way over my head. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This sounds not related to jetson problem. It is more like an issue that any laptop/PC in your house may hit.

For example, if you got a new laptop, how did you make it ssh with another laptop in your house?

If there is no DHCP server available, then you need to configure the IP manually by yourself.
Also, dhcp configuration is on the dhcp server side, but not the device side. If jetson is just to get a assigned IP, then dhcp configuration should not be needed.

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