How to make my device(dhcp server) to give ip address in ethernet?

Hi, I am using NVIDIA Jetson xavier running ubunutu.

Jetson has Ethernet, WiFi and rndis interfaces. Currently Jetson’s ethernet interface gets ip address from router whenever I plugin the Ethernet cable. It is happening via NetworkManager.

Now, I want Jetson to give ip address whenever I plugin the Ethernet cable between Jetson and my Windows/iPad/MacOs/literally any other networking device. I want to do it via NetworkManager. I tried creating a new connection with static ip. But it doesn’t provide ip address to other devices. Please share on how to make it happen. Any links/tips are highly appreciated.

Reply for this question is really appreciated.

The host ethernet connection (in this case a Jetson) never provides an IP address to another system unless the device itself (the Jetson) is a router. When you plug in the ethernet, then normally DHCP from the router sets the address on the Jetson. Jetson does not provide its own address here. If the ethernet is plugged directly in to the Windows machine, then it is Windows which must provide a router to assign an address through DHCP to the Jetson. By default Windows does not come with DHCP software, you’d have to purchase that separately.

All of those things you wish to plug the Jetson in to, if you want an address assigned, would have to have router software added to them. You’d need router/DHCP software on the Windows/iPad/MacOs, etc. The alternatives are:

  • Plug the other devices and the Jetson into a router. Let the router do the work. This is normal.
  • Set up everything with compatible static IP address.

Are you asking to have the Jetson make the internet available to all of those devices? This is the inverse of having the other devices provide router software. You can turn the Jetson into a router and have it assign an address to the other devices if those other devices (Windows/iPad/MacOs) do not have internet access. I’m thinking this is what you want, to turn the Jetson into a router over wired ethernet.

Setting up a Jetson as a router is no different than for any other Linux. One problem you might run into with other documents is that different releases and different distributions of Linux might do things differently, but anything which is for Ubuntu 18.04 would apply exactly to the Jetson. Here is an example article:

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