How to modify the IP address through ssh

I want to set up the network through SSH connection, but I don’t know how to do it.

The hardware is jetson xavier nx

Firmware version is 5.02

Hi pangxie,

Please try following commands:
$ sudo dhclient → enable dhcp client to obtain IP
$ ifconfig → check available network interface

Use ssh command from terminal to connect your board
$ ssh <username>@<inet address>

The current status is dhcp. I want to set it to static ip

You could use ifconfig command or GUI in Jetson Linux to configure static IP
$ sudo ifconfig <interface> <ip>

Ifconfig can only temporarily modify the ip address. I need to change the ip address permanently.

And when I used ifconfig to modify the IP address, I failed.

I want to modify the IP address in the console, not in the GUI

You could use netplan to configure static IP permanently
Netplan static IP on Ubuntu configuration - Linux Tutorials - Learn Linux Configuration

Or refer to following thread to use nm-connection-editor
How can i set static ip in Xavier NX? - #2

The netplan command was not found in the system.

And nm connection editor is a gui tool, which I need to modify in the console.

please intsall netplan with apt

$ sudo apt install

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