How to modify the IP address through console

I want to permanently modify the IP address, gateway and DNS server of the current device through the console.

I have tried many ways, but they can’t be realized.

My system version is JP5.0.2

I don’t have answer for this, you may google it to see if can find some suggestions.

I found some methods on Google, but they can’t be used in Jetson’s system.

I haven’t tried to configure this since I just use DHCP (and I configure my router). However, the answer would basically be anything that works with Ubuntu 20.04. I suspect this would be of use:

Of course Wi-Fi makes this ten times worse. If you have a particular step that fails with an error message or other failure, then you might want to ask about that particular issue, plus give details of network topology (e.g., if it is wired to a switch which in turn wires to a router, or direct to a router, so on).

I also looked up a lot of ubuntu20.04 data to find a solution, but none of the solutions found are applicable to the jetpack 5.0.2 system.

For example, using the netplan method, I did not find any configuration files in the /etc/netplan directory, which is empty.

You might want to install package “netplan”, but before you do, see the next suggestion:
sudo apt-get install netplan

It could be it is just running NetworkManager instead. I use the GUI nm-connection-editor for that case, but it has a command line version, nmcli (if not present, then “sudo apt-get install network-manager”). Here is a URL for nmcli examples:

It is of course hard to use apt to install packages if the network is not up, but it is possible to download the packages from another computer and put them on a USB thumb drive.

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