Connect Jetson Xavier NX with a laptop

Hi, I am trying to connect the Jetson Xavier Nx with my Laptop (windows) and I will be using it with Matlab. I wish to use a ethernet cable, but whenever I am connecting one from the Jetson to my laptop, it shows that connection cannot be established.

I have connected a camera with my jetson.

Any solutions?

We suggest include the laptop and Xavier NX in one local area network(LAN). So that you can login Xavier NX through ssh command.

On laptop you can try Cygwin to have a linux-like environment. Or try PuTTY.

Thank you for the response. In order to connect the laptop and Jetson to one LAN, is it possible to connect both using 1 ethernet cable? Would’nt transfering files over wireless connection reduce the latency?

We would suggest connect the devices to a router. So that you don’t need to manually configure network setting.

Just some added information…

Normally one uses a switch to connect a number of computers on the same local subnet; one of the devices on that switch is the router, and this is what assigns an IP address. You won’t find a significant latency added by using a switch versus direct wiring. However, if you do direct wire from PC to Jetson, then technically you need to (A) assign the IP address to each side since there is no router, and (B) use a crossover cable (which has exceptions).

The crossover cable reverses the wiring on the data cable the same way a switch would. Some ethernet ports can self-detect the need for this and will automatically do the crossover for you. I don’t know if all computers involved can do this, many can, so “maybe”. If not, most retail outlets (and definitely online shops) sell crossover cables (you can try without the crossover, or you can use a switch without a router which does not need a crossover).

For the IP address you will need to learn to statically assign the IP address. There are a number of ways to do this, but you’d have to do it at each computer in a compatible manner. One example would be to assign the PC address and the Jetson (I used a slightly odd subnet in case there is something that might collide with it, but the actual IP address is not important other than being on the same subnet). The GUI login usually has a method for static IP address setup. I like to use nm-connection-editor (which is a GUI app; you could “sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome”).

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