Share with Jetson Orin NX the network of a remote pc

Hi! I’m working in remote with a simulation and I need to connect my Jetson to the same network of the computer that runs the simulation. The thing is that both are in different places and don’t have access to the same network. ¿Could it be possible to connect them via vpn? ¿Is there any other option?

Generally we have the devices in the same LAN for accessing remotely. A possible solution is to login to a PC in the LAN and login to the Jetson device through ssh.

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One of your routers would need to be set up to allow an incoming port to pass through to either of the computers. As is only connections which route to the outside world originating from inside of a LAN can be passed through (the router knows that a return based on this goes back to the device which originated the connection inside the LAN). If a connection comes from the outside and goes inside, then the router does not know which device this goes to in the case of the inside not originating the communication.

You will need a router which allows you to forward a port/protocol from outside world (Internet) to inside world (LAN). Only the side not originating needs that change.


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