Cannot ssh or VNC to AGX Orin from different network

Hi There,

I am trying to connect to AGX Orin from a different network using SSH or VNC but both of these methods are successful. In the same network I can use both of them to connect to it.
How can I resolve this issue?


Van Tai

Hi vantai,

If you can SSH or VNC success, that is your Network issue.
Please check your network setting.


I am currently facing a similar issue because I want to connect remotely to my Jetson Orin AGX from a different network.
Basically, in order to connect through ssh to the Jetson device from a different network you need to forward the jetson ssh port through the router to which it is connected (search for information about port forwarding). If you have a public static IP, this should be enough (keep in mind that the local IP of the jetson within the LAN needs to be static).
If your ISP, as it is my case, uses dynamic IPs, you will need to use a DDNS service. I am using No-IP, which is free for up to 3 devices AFAIK, enough for tests and demos. You will have to configure your router to connect to your No-IP account in order to use the service.
Once you have opened the port in your router and configured the DDNS, you should be able to connect to the jetson through ssh: ssh -p XXX, where XX is the ssh port of your server, which defaults to 22.
I hope you find this information useful and I apologise if some information is not correct. I am not an expert on the topic and I am learning as I go.

Although all these steps should work, I am unable to connect remotely since my ISP uses CGNAT (hope yours doesn’t). I am currently stuck, I’ve read about using ngrok or other similar services to skip the CGNAT limitation. Would be awesome if someone could share their experience when faced with similar problems. I am also considering using TeamViewer, since apparently there is a TeamViewer Host version compatible with arm64 architectures. Has anyone used TeamViewer Host on Jetson Orin?

PD: If you only need ssh, check Darcy Cloud . It is an amazing tool that does not require any configuration and handles by itself all the network ssh configuration. Currently some users are having connection issues (unluckily, I am one of them), so that’s why I am seeking for other alternatives, since I need to set the remote connection ASAP.


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