Modified the xorf.conf files for displayless vnc but forgot to retrieve ip address of orin before doing so


I have the AGX Orin Developer Kit and I followed the instructions here What is the best way to control the jetson Orin GUI remotely? - #5 by KevinFFF to setup a vnc server but before rebooting, I forgot to take the ip address or the hostname of the Jetson to connect using the VNC viewer. Now I’m unable to see the display on the system. Is there any way to connect via vnc or to connect back using display port and external monitor? I don’t have a linux machine handy to reflash and hence I’m asking.


Hi dhruvsheth.linkit,

Do you mean that you forget the IP address to access the devkit through SSH?
If so, please refer to the following instruction to connect from MicroUSB port to get serial console.
NVIDIA Jetson Orin - Serial Console

You can run ifconfig to check the IP address.

Thanks a ton! That helped me recover the original xorg.conf file. I followed the instructions here now: Setting Up VNC | NVIDIA Developer to enable vnc on my jetson agx orin dev kit with jetpack 6 but each time the vnc server throws connection was refused by the computer. I have enabled media sharing as well as remote desktop from sharing options in settings too. Thanks!

I managed to solve it after purging openssh-server and reinstalling it again
sudo apt-get purge openssh-server
sudo apt-get install openssh-server