Remote access to GPU, Jetson AGX Xavier

I want to connect to a Jetson AGX Xavier GPU remotely which is situated far in another country. I cannot use any local settings, therefore. I just want to use this GPU’s power along with my computer. I am on Ubuntu 18.04. Is there any way to do it?

do you need graphiocal outputs or just execute some code using gpu?
in the latter case it is a trivial task. However, the former case is more complicated.

No only for code execution.

ther shouldn’t be any issues allocating gpu resources from ssh termiinal, as far as I can see.

Another option would be running a jupyter notebook service on the remote AGX and run your code as jupyter notebook in a webbrowser.

Thank you, I would like to use ssh to connect. I found a way
ssh your_username@host_ip_address
But it seems to initiate my own connection to a server. But then how can I connect to another machine?

could you extend your questtion, please?
given there is a Host PC and a Jetson, so that a connection is established from Host PC to the Jetson, which exactly ‘the another machine’ do you have in mind tto connect to?

Yes, you are right!