Remote Accessing the AGX Xavier

Hi all,

I want to remotely access the AGX Xavier, while I’m at a different location. For example, if the Xavier is at my house I would like to remotely access it while at a coffee shop or traveling for a meeting, or if the Xavier is at work and I would like to access it while at home. I see that there are some questions already asked on this forum, such as:

Using TigerVNC: AGX Xavier - How to install remote tool
A guide by WayneWWW: Remote Desktop Solution for Jetson
This guide by NVIDIA: Setting Up VNC | NVIDIA Developer

I wanted to follow up with everyone here and see which one worked for you?

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get to remotely access the AGX Xavier successfully?
Any result can be shared?


Hi kayccc,

I took a whole week off of work, so I haven’t been able to test any of the solutions. From my research, it seems as though some of the solutions I mentioned are only viable only if I were using the same network AGX Xavier is using. Do you know of any solution which I would be able to use that would allow me to access the AGX Xavier from work while at home or vice-versa?


Normally the main problem is that if you have your AGX behind a router, then the router must be told to forward the correct ports to the internal IP address of the AGX. If your router is in bridging mode and if the Jetson has an IP address which is routable (rare with routers since it involves spending more money with the ISP), then simply using any of the above should work. I can’t give you a “best” solution, but do beware that you probably need admin access to the router the AGX sits behind.

If you only wanted command line (and this is a very good test tool even if not your final solution), then using ssh to log in is a very good and simple tool.

Hi linuxdev,

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to try either. Since portability is a necessity, I am now just lugging the AGX with me because there are things that I need to access besides just using the terminal. It’s a lot easier than having to explain to a coworker on the phone what to do and easier access to the GPIO pins.