Connecting to the jetson xavier NX through a private ethernet connection

i am trying to set up a long distance remote connection with my jetson NX kit.
i have a plug and play hardware that allows me to connect via ethernet and establishes connection on a tablet even from a few km away, i want to connect to the NX using ssh NoMachine or anything of the type, but i can’t seem to be able to establish that connection even when close to the NX, it isnt able to connect.
i’ve tried changing to static ips, or pinging between the networks but the connection can’t be established on the NX.
it is a private network that can only be communicated through a box connected to the NX and the tablet sending the signal, but the NX is struggling to even connect to it.
i would appreciate if someone can help me with this or give a different solution to connecting to the NX from far, keep in mind that i do need to connect with NoMaching or a similar program to get some visual representation of the screen not only the terminal so i need a strong ethernet or wifi connection

I suspect this is a networking issue and not specific to the Jetson. When you are having these issues though, can you provide the output on the Jetson for “route” and “ifconfig”? If this is WiFi, then also the output of “iwconfig”. You would also need to provide the address used with the tablet, along with information on how this is connecting (such as WiFi of the Jetson to a router which goes over the internet to your own local router and tablet…think of naming the device in between).

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