Connecting an ethernet array to xavier

Is it possible to extend the single Ethernet port into multiple ports using a Ethernet hub ?
I plan to increase number of IP/GigE Cameras that can be connected to the Jetson Xavier AGX.

Just plug the Jetson into an ethernet switch, and then each camera into the switch. As long as the cameras have different IP addresses (preferably in the same subnet), then it should work. Two cameras on the same ethernet with the same IP address would cause “collision” errors. Can you make sure the addresses of each camera are unique and within the same subnet prior to booting the Jetson?

I think that is an inherent property of the Cameras to have unique MAC addresses, but for the IP addresses, I read:

To assign the IP to difference devices , the router contains a DHCP (Domain Host Control Protocol) which decides which private address to assign to which device

So, I will try checking it using my PC.

If the cameras take their address via DHCP assignment, then you’d want to run a DHCP server. If the Jetson itself is using a router, then there is no reason that the same router could not be used to assign addresses to the cameras without any modification to the Jetson itself. You’d just plug the cameras in to the same router (either directly, or via an ethernet switch).

How does your wired ethernet get its address assigned currently on the Xavier? Do you have a router appliance, and is the Xavier’s wired ethernet using that router for address assignment?

NOTE: Most routers offer a method to limit an address range used, or to bind a particular MAC address to the same preferred IP address, which is quite convenient if you happen to have admin login to the router.

I still need to try that. Will let you know when I have the required hardware :)