Cannot determine IP address

Hey all,

I’ve recently received my Jetson TX1 and I am trying to install it using the user guide manual.
I managed to get to the point of flashing the device. Then the Jetson device reboots and the host computer is waiting for it to finish rebooting and obtaining it’s IP address to continue the post installation.

The problem I have is that the host computer is unable to determine the IP address, even when I manually enter the username and password using the interface.

The Jetson device does have internet access after the reboot, and I do manage to login to it using ssh…

What do you recommend I should do?


I’m at somewhat of a disadvantage on answering auto-dhcp config at the host side, I use Fedora and thus no automated scripts (usually my script is “vi”). The answer will depend upon whether DHCP is served from your router or from your host…both of which are an option. In the case of being served from the host, there may also be firewall settings at issue. Since you can get to the Jetson, running “ifconfig” should tell you about the public IP address. Whether your host can get to it or not is another question.

If you can ssh to this address from the host, you know networking and firewall are working correct. Is this where you are coming from for ssh? Logs on the router (be it an appliance or a host machine) should mention this as well, but the use of the “tegra-ubuntu” may not be set up…in which case the dotted decimal address is required (looks something like

An extra issue is that ssh may be used in such a way that ssh keys need to be reset. More information is needed on how you get ssh into the Jetson and in what ways you can access it, along with whether you have a router or if this function is being implemented by your desktop host. FYI, each time that address is flashed, a new ssh key is generated…and then ssh clients which saw the old key get confused and think it is a man-in-the-middle attack and refuse…but install scripts generally do not handle the case of ssh telling you about key errors.

Hi TakTak,

There is another thread discussing the same issue. Can you please read and see if it helps?

I followed up that thread and it helped me solve it… it was a permission/ssh related.

In order to solve the issue I needed to run the install script the first time with sudo and flash the device.
After that I needed to run the script from the beginning but this time just install the post install and without the sudo.

Thanks guys for the help!


You can check this blog post :

hopefully it helps.