Can't determine ip address

JetPack installation gets stuck upon determining the ip address of my Jetson TX2 device.
both host & tx2 device are connected to the network and get internet.
“ip a l” shows that:
Jetson tx2 is connected through eth0
and my host computer (running ubuntu 18.04) through eno1
I suspect that is the problem.
Can someone please assist…


you should connect jetson and the pc to the same router,
make sure the router has dhcp enabled and that the devices are shown at the dhcp tables as getting ip address from the router.
Otherwise you may run Post install sepaartely with Jetpack and specify Jetson ip address manually [presuming you know what ip address it is getting from the router]. You may also know ip address of the jetson from network information if you will open it somehow via gui or via the terminal [ifconfig] at the jetson device.

! Indeed the jetson and the host were connected in different domains.