Jetson TX2 VMware Network settings


I am trying to use Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine on VMware as host machine for Jetson TX2. I have successfully flashed the Jetson from virtual machine, but I am having issues installing software via Ethernet. I do not have access to a router, so I connected Jetson to the PC via Ethernet cable. PC is connected to the Internet via WiFi.

On “Network Layout” page I selected “Device accesses Internet via host machine through setting up a configuration on host”, but in “Network Interface Selection” I only have one network interface option (ens33). ifconfig only lists ens33 and lo. How can I connect Jetson to VMware?

Hi sborkovk, installing JetPack from virtual machine isn’t supported, so unfortunately I’m not sure about the network pass-through. From time to time however, I do use the Jetson’s Wi-Fi as opposed to Ethernet to connect to host (with both machines on the same SSID), and it seems to work ok most times (unofficially). Perhaps that will be easier than figuring out your network tunneling. Are you on home Wi-Fi network or public?

Hello dusty_nv,

I am aware VM is not officially supported, but I read some posts talking about successful use of VMware Workstation, so I am hoping I could get some help here.

I am using public (university) Wi-Fi network.