Jetson TX2 Jetpack installation - host on wireless

I am trying to install Jetpack on my Jetson TX2 by connecting it to my host using an ethernet cable and a USB cable and following the instructions. My host machine, however, connects to the internet via wireless. Is that a problem? I am able to flash OS, but beyond that, the installation does not work. It is not able to establish an ssh connection with the Jetson or get an IP address for it.

Does my host need to be wired to internet, or does wireless work as long as I have an ethernet cable connecting my host to the Jetson TX2?

Just follow this:

Just FYI, it is ok for the PC to have WiFi. One thing which sometimes fools people is that your host PC won’t be able to ask for an ssh password if you have not installed package ssh-askpass on the host:

sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass

It’s ok for the host PC to connect to the internet via wireless, over that it’s just downloading packages from online repositories.

The network connection between the host and Jetson should be hard ethernet though (either through a switch/router or connected directly to a spare NIC port on the host). If you were to connect the host and Jetson via wireless (i.e. by having them both on the same WiFi network), you may not get all the JetPack post-flash packages installed and configured correctly (like CUDA toolkit, cuDNN, TensorRT, ect) and make encounter some strange errors trying to using those tools. It would be fixed by re-running JetPack with Jetson connected over ethernet instead of WiFi.