Installing JetPack with direct Internet connection


First, I am new to Jetson TX2 (-: …

Is it possible to install JetPack where both my host and my jetson are connected
directly to the Internet? (i.e., not via router/switch)

During any flash the micro-B USB cable is the only requirement between host and Jetson. Once flash is complete the Jetson reboots and file copy is done over ssh on wired ethernet. It is this latter stage which requires networking between host and Jetson.

The software package install requirement is basically that no router or firewall block the ssh access. Technically you cannot use WiFi for this because flash has a one time setup for discovering the IP address of the Jetson and the automatic setup of WiFi isn’t possible (plus WiFi is not very reliable). If you skip flash (and you can run JetPack with just package additions checked at any time…just skip the USB cable and skip recovery mode), and manually enter an IP address, then any network type access works when ssh works (scp is used and this is via ssh). Just make sure the host can manually ssh to the nvidia account on the Jetson before doing this (if doing this via WiFi, then you would have to go through whatever WiFi setup steps are needed). Monitor for JetPack to ask for a password and/or IP address.

Another option is to temporarily connect the Jetson directly to the wired ethernet of the PC and set up the PC for acting as router (JetPack has a drop-down menu for type of connect and this is one option).

Additionally, if the whole world has access to your Jetson, then you should immediately change the password of accounts “ubuntu” and “nvidia” prior to connecting to an uncontrolled network…chances are a malicious port scan will find and modify your Jetson within minutes if you do not.