jetpack installation via vm

Hello -

Thank you all for helping me with my last issue.

I have now successfully installed a VM and installed the latest version of Ubuntu on it. I use a Mac.

My problem comes when I try to use a microUSB and flash Jetpack onto my Jetson TX2.

The flashing of the OS works fine, but my system is stuck at the “trying to get ip address of target” message. I have read through virtually all forum pages on this website regarding this issue.

Currently, I have my Mac running on Wifi, my host PC inside a VM in my Mac and Jetson connected to my Mac via micro usb (already double checked - bridged adapter settings, lsusb works and shows nvidia etc).

I do not have my Jetson connected to my router via ethernet. Do I need to do this in order to install TensorRT etc?

This is normal. The installation process assumes that your host (mac / VM) and Jetson are connected to the same network. Your jetson is not connected to wifi at all, so installation cannot continue. If you leave it alone long enough (ie: just about FOREVER), the installation will time out. So let it do that. Then disconnect your mac from the Jetson, and power off the Jetson.

Next: Plug your Jetson into a screen, keyboard and mouse, boot it up, and join the same wifi network as your Mac from the Jetson desktop.

Once this is done, restart the Jetpack installation on your Mac, but select “Custom” install. Then uncheck everything on the list up until “Install on target”. Make sure that “Install on target”, and everything after it have the action set to “install”, and click “next”. Your installation should continue correctly.

Additional note: All flash is over micro-B USB. All extra package installs are normally over wired ethernet (I could see WiFi working if and only if you’ve manually set this up since normally JetPack would add some edits during flash to get the wired ethernet address reported to JetPack…JetPack would have no way to find information on WiFi).