Jetson Xavier AGX Devkit C5 Fails to Enable Sometimes: "Phys Link Never Came Up"


I am using a PCAN-miniPCIe FD connected to this adapter connected to the C5 PCIe slot on the devkit.

Attached are the two dmesg files between a working boot and a non-working boot. The first difference seems to be “Phys link never came up.”

correct.txt (4.2 KB)
incorrect.txt (3.5 KB)

Do I somehow need to give the PCAN system more time to initialize? I believe it has a FPGA on it.


Please try to unbind and bind the pcie controller after system boots up for a while and see if you can see it got detected.

Thank you, I will try this: C4 and C5 says "Phy link never came up" - #8 by WayneWWW

The following worked:

cd /sys/bus/platform/drivers/tegra194-pcie
echo 141a0000.pcie > unbind
echo 141a0000.pcie > bind

Is there any way I can automate this? The system I am designing needs to be reliable on boot. I can imagine making a systemd script but I am wondering if there is a better way.