Jetson Xavier Nc: Question about warranty and differrence between regions

Hi! I would like to ask two questions about Jetson Xavier nc.

  • There is a Nvidia distributor which i live in (Turkey). I can buy Xavier from them but the price was much higher so I am thinking of buying Xavier from Amazon US for much lower price. If i detect some problems with my Xaiver, do i need to communicate with Turkey Nvidia distributor or directly with Nvidia? If neither, what do i need to do?
  • Xaiver differs from region to region so if i choose to buy the Xavier US version which is (945-83518-0000-000) rather than Xavier EU version (945-83518-0005-000) (which is i need to take if i match the region) what differences i need to expect?

Thanks for replying me.

Please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team, see

945-83518-0005-000 has correct certifications and includes correct power cable. As long as you purchase that PN you should be fine. Check the Jetson buy page to discover distributors selling it.