Availability of Xavier Dev kit in India ?

Availability of Xavier Dev Kit in India ?

Tried Contacting rashi peripherals (Nvidia jetson re-seller) multiple times . No reply from them : ( …

and It is out of stock in official store nvidia.in , Any other official re sellers , can anyone help me ?

pls anyone ?

Nvidia officials ??


Rashi peripherals is the only official partner in India, as for as I know. Even if you place order on nvidia website, they are the ones will be supplying you. I bought from them just a month ago.

You could email them at nvidia-store@rptechindia.com

They did reply swiftly on my original inquiry.

Good luck.

I am not from nvidia, though.

If you can specify your intent of usage for the device, I might be able to guide if you really need it.

Hope you are aware of launch of Xavier NX.

My original intent was to Train and Test as well as deploy models, but the training part turned out to be cumbersome.

Still no reply from them I have mailed/ called a number of times, and its out of stock even now …

It would be great if some officials look into this

Hello sir ,

Im an undergrad / Electronics and instrumentation from VIT vellore institute of technology, INDIA

I work in couple of biomedical start ups incubated in VIT only.

We are deploying offline models for inference and other autonomous edge computing solutions in jetson nanos .

and As Xavier NX is going to come by march 2020, and for developing on it we need AGX xavier.
Also we are exploring a lot of ideas/problem statements and solutions in edge computing side.

This is the intent of getting AGX xavier.

And may i know what field you work on Sir ?

Thanks for the reply

Hi DevShank3,

Am a freelancer programmer exploring data science and machine learning off-late.

In fact, Edge computing is the intended use of Xavier. Since you already have some experience with Nano, you should be fairly comfortable with it.

Sorry that, I mistook Xavier 8 GB model to have been renamed as Xavier NX. WHICH IS NOT THE CASE.

But, out of stock issues can only be addressed by nVidia and RPTech.

Best regards…

Hi devshank3,

Have you received the update from Rashi peripherals?