Jetson Xavier NX gives no output to monitor via HDMI

Hi, after a lot of pain I managed to procure the Jetson xavier nx board for my college project through my college.
I had high expectations of the same, I flashed an SD card with the Jetpack 4.5.x through Balena Etcher after formatting it with the help of SD card Formatter.
I expected to see an Nvidia logo on my screen, but apparently there is no signal received by the monitor connected via HDMI.

I made use of another SD card, used a different version of Jetpack, went through youtube tutorials and documentation. Iterated the whole process 6 times, but screen receives no output.
The fan does spin now and then. There is a solid green light on the board which indicates good power input.
Tested with 2 sd cards, 2 hdmi cables and 2 monitors, but all in vain. I am simply unable see anything on the monitor.

I looked into few tutorials of ssh into board after connecting it to the laptop via micro USB. I managed to successfully ssh, and do the setup process, however I failed connecting the board to wifi device. It always returned passphrase error even though the password was correct, I skipped this step and managed to use screen terminal and enter the jetson board.

So 2 issues I have are:
1)No display on the monitor, not even the starting nvidia logo.
2)Failure of internet connection during the initial setup.

Tell me if I have missed some point. I have begun feeling it could be a hardware defect. I don’t have a second piece to confirm the same. Any quick response would help.

If you can connect to the device but not able to see the monitor showing, I may suspect you are using a monitor that NX doesn’t support.

Please type dmesg in the ssh terminal and share us the log. Remember to keep the monitor cable connected when dump log.

I solved this issue…This happened because I used HDMI to VGA converter! To all viewers who might see this, please use a direct HDMI capable monitor. It took 2 days to figure this out because I looked at all solutions except for the converter part. The converter works well with raspberry pis and also works well with normal laptops, but won’t work with Jetson Xavier Nx board. I am not aware if its the same case with a Jetson nano.
The converter works well with the Jetson TX2 l!!!

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