Jetson Xavier NX Not Displaying

My Jetson Xavier NX isn’t displaying to a Monitor.
I’ve tested the SD card, Display Port cable, power supply and monitor I’m using with another Jetson and they all work fine.
I got the Jetson off someone else and it displayed before but I couldn’t open any applications so I flashed it.

You’ll need a full serial console boot log to debug:

I will add that it isn’t unusual for the local display to not work right due to some configuration, while the system is otherwise fully booted and working. The serial console log is needed to distinguish which. although if you know what its IP address is, then you could try ping.

Someone else will need to answer the rest of this, but they will need that serial console boot log. You’ll also want to explicitly state that the model does not have eMMC, and that it is a dev kit (or that it uses a third party carrier board and has eMMC).

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