Jetson xavier operating system error

i have jetson agx xavier developer kit. it has been a constant problem since the day i got it. this is the dumbest thing i have ever bought. i don’t understand why this happened. please come back urgently. computer slowed down while working normally. I restarted it too. But when it opens it gives a warning. and then the nvdia screen is showing. I’m so mad please help.

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Did you ever flash your AGX devkit with sdkmanager? This “startlxde” thing should not happen on jetson AGX.

Only some device with low DRAM use lxde. (e.g. Nano 2gb). I think it would be better to reflash this board and check if things happen again.

what should i do. ​​I didn’t flash it with sdk manager. please guide me.

Find a native ubuntu 18.04 x86_64 host and try this. It is very common to use this tool on AGX (actually it is a must-have).

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İ am start for sdk . But i am not skip next step

Select the host ubuntu computer. I choose jetson xavier as target, but it says unavailable. By the way, my host machine is not a regular ubuntu computer(NOC).Nvidia computer. Is this the cause of the problem

The reason should be ubuntu 20.04. That was why I said you need to find a ubuntu 18.04…

I am trying to install sdkmanager on ubuntu 18.04 as you mentioned. Now I’m getting the following error in the sdkmanager configuration part. When I say skip it gives the same error in the next steps.

This means sdkmanager tries to run “apt-get update” on your host. And it fails.

The failure reason is unknown and I cannot help either since this is happened on your host. So you should resolve that first.

Also, what does that mean “your computer is not a regular computer, a NVIDIA computer”? What does that mean “NVIDIA computer”?

I did not connect the two xavier computers together. I connected it to another normal computer to install sdk on Xavier.

Oh ok. Then please focus on fixing your apt-get update on your host.

i did that .But error same again

What did you do?

I did the update and upgrade from terminal. I took the transactions from the beginning but it still gave this error

Can you just run apt-get update on your host and paste your log to us?

Could you check your /etc/apt/sources.list and remove that download docker one which has the error?

The file is not modified and deleted. This file is read only.