Jetson xsens not supported wheel

I need to connect some sensors from xsens to Jetson xavier and
that need to install a wheel which is “xsensdeviceapi”
*on my PC under linux ubuntu 20.04 every thing is ok, but on jetson (also ubuntu 20.04) still not working and I got some troubles sying that “unsupported wheel on this platform” and “Defaulting to user insatllation because normal site-packages is not writeable”
this what I did to solve the problem:
1- Tried to solve it by setting default python3.8 and pip which was effective on my PC but not on Jetson . Also I deleted python2.7 but the same error occures on Jetson. re-install python …upgraed etc…but the error still occure
2-I used virtual python environment , but the error still occure but off course the “site-packages is not writeable” disappeared.
*remark I had just recently flashed the Jetson.
please any help I will be thankfull.


It seems that the library only supports the desktop environment.

Please check with the library owner to see if they can support the ARM/Jetson system.
Or you can try to build the library from the source on Jetson directly.


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