JetPack with Ubuntu server enviroment

is there available for Xavier NX a JetPack that is based on Ubuntu server environment?
Thank you

Currently only support host machine with Ubuntu x86_64 systems.
For JetPack 5.x, it supports with Ubuntu 20.04 OS.
For JetPack 4.x, it supports with Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

I was referring to a JetPack that can install an Ubuntu server environment on the Xavier NX, is this available?

In the case that it is not, is there any suggested procedure to replace Ubuntu desktop environment with an Ubuntu server?

Alternatively, is there a procedure that removes all unneeded packages such as libre-office?

This isn’t what you are looking for (not exactly), but if you use ordinary package tools on a running Jetson, and remove unwanted packages, or edit such that the system still boots, a clone can be made, and flashes performed using the clone instead of the sample rootfs. Some details differ depending on whether it is an SD card model (dev kit) versus eMMC model.

The above should always work without much trouble. In theory, if you had the same boot content, kernel, firmware, and device tree as the desktop Ubuntu (more below), then you might be able to directly place the rest of the arm64 server distribution in the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” and have it work. There are bound to be a lot of failed iterations before it works.

About some of the content: Also the X server release (the ABI version you see in the “/var/log/Xorg.0.log”) should remain the same…probably useful even if you don’t use a GUI because the NVIDIA GPU driver interacts through that server. The server isn’t just a GUI program, it is an API for GPU interaction even if no display is attached. The binary ABI release version is likely needed to work with the NVIDIA driver since it is loaded in binary format by the Xorg server. You might find for example that some CUDA programs need this. It’s much easier to just start with the desktop, cut out some packages, and clone versus building from a server release.

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