Jetson Xavier NX Ubuntu OS

When Jetson Xavier NX Ubuntu OS will ready?

Hi jackpeng,

W will have the next JetPack release at the middle of April to support Xavier NX, please wait for our announcement.


Kayccc - thanks - Jetson Xavier NX has arrived (in my hands now) and custom thermal solution is in progress - is there any software available yet that we can expect to run on it to at least demonstrate that it is working please?

Yes I also have one now in my hand and I’m wondering which version of Jetpack to install. Any ideas?

I believe that we are going to need version 4.4 (as per but that’s not been made available yet. I’m sure you are already aware, but just in case as nobody wants to end up with a dead Xavier NX, please see Using NX on a Nano Dev Kit.

That is correct - you will need the JetPack 4.4 release for NX, we are preparing to post it soon, so please stay tuned.