Flashing jetson OS on x64 machine


I would like to install a new operating system in order to work with jetson NX developer kit, we have been working with ubuntu 16.04 in an x64 machine but I would like to update to the latest 22.04.

Is this supported? If it is not, which is the latest linux os I could use? also, would linux mint work being debian…? or does it have to be ubuntu?

My use case is mainly training neural networks and flashing the jetson


Only JetPack 4.x (L4T R32.x) or older will work with a TX2. This in turn can run Ubuntu 18.04 (and is recommended). Ubuntu 20.04 can only be used with JetPack 5.x. The GUI will complain if you have Ubuntu 22.04, or if you use 20.04 with a JetPack 5.x. Since you cannot use JetPack 5.x with a TX2, this leaves you Ubuntu 18.04 as the most recent you can use.

thanks for your answer, as I understand you are recommending ubuntu 18.04 on the x64 machine with jetpack 4.x for the Xavier NX developer kit because it is the current production release jetpack and you use ubuntu 18.04 to flash the jetson.

However it says on the sdk page that jetpack 5.0.2 is supported on the NX dev kit and is also production release, which in turn works with ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 as it says in the documentation.

So it should work for 20.04 no? Are there any clear advantages to upgrading to 20.04 or should I stick with 18.04 on the x64 machine for working with the jetson ?

This is the TX2 forum, and I did not realize this is an Xavier NX. For that I recommend a host PC of ubuntu 20.04, and JetPack/SDKM 5. Xavier is the first generation which can use JetPack/SDKM 5. The TX2 cannot use this.

I think you should be able to use JetPack/SDKM 5 with Ubuntu 18.04, but 20.04 is recommended. There are advantages to this newer release, e.g., the Ubuntu on the Jetson itseslf is only 18.04 if using JetPack/SDKM 4, but goes to 20.04 with JetPack/SDKM 5 (the Jetson itself). CUDA and some other software have newer releases on JetPack 5.

Just be careful to mention this is an Xavier when posting since this is just the older TX2 forum.

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