Join the Pimax developer ecosystem on our Roadshow!

Dear developers,

Pimax is a VR brand which shares the best VR headset with everyone who wants to live in a digital oasis. After announced our next generation ‘ALL-IN-ONE’ device — Pimax Portal. We will begin a roadshow in 20+ sites worldwide.

This time, we’re going to provide all the developers the following benefits:

  • Face to face talk and real experience of Pimax new products
  • 1,000 FREE Portal Dev kits
  • Cash Incentive
  • Priority marketing sources

Please click the link:Pimax Roadshow Events - Signup and participate as a developer to complete the form if you’re interested in being part of our ecosystem. Hope to see you there!

Pimax Team.

Dear Developers, We are excited to announce Pimax Content Incentive Program for Indie Developers. We have found gifted developers can be found working for small studios or are even developing independently. We have been amazed at the skill and creativity of indie developers who have already contributed to the Pimax store platform, and we want to create the best opportunities possible for you all to succeed. Check the announcement for detailed information: Pimax Developer Registration - Google 表单