JP6.0DP, Orin can not wake up by mouse or keyboard

Hi ,
My AGX ORIN dev kit of JP6.0DP has this suspend/resume issue. My test steps is:

1. power on the ORIN dev kit.
2. click "suspend" under the power menu by a usb mouse, then the system suspend and the display is off.
3. click mouse again, or type something by keybord, and system dose not wake up.

Please give some help.

How did you tell the device is wake up or not? Are you using the monitor to check?

or serial console?

Hi WayneWWW,
I used both monitor and serial console.
After I clicked the ‘suspend’ item of the desktop, the monitor turned to black, and the serial console reported:

 ▒▒DCE RM Suspend rmStatus:0x0
▒▒[   41.955575] tegra-ivc-bus bc00000.rtcpu:ivc-bus:echo@0: ivc channel driver missing
[   41.955583] tegra-ivc-bus bc00000.rtcpu:ivc-bus:dbg@1: ivc channel driver missing
[   41.955588] tegra-ivc-bus bc00000.rtcpu:ivc-bus:dbg@2: ivc channel driver missing
[   41.955594] tegra-ivc-bus bc00000.rtcpu:ivc-bus:diag@5: ivc channel driver missing
clk_mach_suspend_early done
suspended vdd_core @ 950000uV
▒▒spe entering sc7
clk_mach_suspend done
fmon_suspend done
t234_adc_suspend done
WAKE_MASK[31:0]  = 0x21000000
WAKE_MASK[63:32] = 0x0
WAKE_MASK[95:64] = 0x100200
TIER0[31:0]      = 0x0
TIER0[63:32]     = 0x0
TIER0[95:64]     = 0x0
TIER1[31:0]      = 0x0
TIER1[63:32]     = 0x0
TIER1[95:64]     = 0x0
TIER2[31:0]      = 0x21000000
TIER2[63:32]     = 0x0
TIER2[95:64]     = 0x200

Then I clicked the mouse key or type something by the keyboard, and the serial console did not print anything, and the monitor kept a black screen.

We can reproduce this issue. Will have further check.