Just wanted to say Hi :)


Just wanted to say Hi to you all usind Audio2Face.
Solution/app/AI-thing was introduced for me last week, as I work as a Product Owner for Tengai, www.tengai.io.
I´m one of the founders…

We are very much interested in Audio2Face, as a way of a making new facial expressions for new thing we are building.

Just started geting to know A2F, so looking forward to all new development/releases etc.

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I suggest you hold on your studies with A2F and wait for the next release of it, comming soon.

While you wait for that, you can study for example omniverse create and use sample characters…

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Hello @sinisa! So happy to hear your excitement for Audio2Face! We have some really incredible features that our development team is working on. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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