Is there any sdks and corresponding docs for audio2face?


The Omniverse Audio2Face is an awesome application! I watched lots of Omniverse videos, and looks like we can build a microservice via Omni Kit. We want to build a service based on the Audio2Face app, however, there’s no sdk/api docs for it, the only way for us to dive into it is looking at the source code. Is there any plan to release more audio2face features so that users can customize audio2face?

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Hi @user28247, welcome to audio2face!

We don’t have any sdk/api for audio2face at the moment, and it runs only on the Omniverse platform.
We do have plan to release training sdk next year, so that you can train your own audio2face network, but providing a general audio2face sdk is low priority on our side.
As you mentioned, a user with some programming skill can check the source code and customize it by themselves. Thanks!

Thank you! Yes, I viewed the source code and I’m building an a2f service now.

You can customize quite a bit with the existing source we release with the app. The app is also a development example for others to extend and customize. Hope you able to get to what you want. We have customers been able to connect TTS to Audio2Face themselves without much effort for example. Let us know if you have particular technical questions.

I wonder if there are any developers who already customized the a2f source codes in order to deliver the animated character to other applications. I just wonder if the customization with current source can allow it.

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Hey, any success in finding some adaption of source code?

@yseol How can I get the source code of audio2face?

I am replying to get notified to the question of how do I get the source code.

Kit says you can access Audio2Face.