KDE Wayland is broken once again with Nvidia 550.54.14 + Kernel 6.7.6

This is a follow up to KDE Wayland doesn't work on the 545 drivers

I just tried the new 550.54.14 drivers on Arch with the 6.7.6 kernel and Wayland seems completely broken.

I’ve already tried enabling fbdev=1, but now the high res console doesn’t even load properly. Instead the console just freezes during the switch to high res. When I attempt to login to a Wayland session, it seems to completely crash and displays the frozen TTY console again.

If I don’t use fbdev=1, then simpledrm is enabled and logging into a Wayland session results in a very slow 1fps performance.

Is there a way to disable simpledrm without enabling fbdev=1? What’s the right way to get Wayland working with 550.54.14?

Probably this bug: [545.29.06-18.1]Flip event timeout error on startup, shutdown and sometimes suspend. Wayland unusable

Try loading the nvidia modules directly from initramfs instead, that should “fix” it.

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I tried adding the Nvidia modules to initramfs according to the Arch Wiki and then trying to use fbdev=1 but it didn’t seem to work either. When I logged into a Wayland session, it again went into 1fps mode. The journal logs spat out a lot of these messages:

Feb 24 07:02:11 arch-desktop kernel: swiotlb_tbl_map_single: 17 callbacks suppressed
Feb 24 07:02:11 arch-desktop kernel: simple-framebuffer simple-framebuffer.0: swiotlb buffer is full (sz: 524288 bytes), total 32768 (slots), used 1056 (slots)
Feb 24 07:02:11 arch-desktop kwin_wayland[1089]: kwin_wayland_drm: failed to import XR24 gbm_bo for multi-gpu usage: Function not implemented
Feb 24 07:02:11 arch-desktop kwin_wayland[1089]: kwin_wayland_drm: Atomic modeset commit failed! Cannot allocate memory

The flip event timeout does occur for me if I enable fbdev=1 without adding the nvidia modules to initramfs, so the issue you linked could be related.