Kernel PMU events not supported on Jetson Xavier NX

I am working on Jetson Xavier Nx module with L4T:32.6.1 and Jetpack 4.6
The list of performance events supported after giving perf list command are:

I am trying to measure kernel pmu events for last level cache by giving following command:

sudo perf stat -e carmel_pmu/l3d_cache/ ./a.out

I get following output:

not supported carmel_pmu/l3d_cache/

Is there any way to measure these events?
Do I need to install any new version of L4T/Jetpack to measure the carmel_pmu event or need to perform any kernel tuning to get the work done?
Help in this regard is hightly appreciated.


Please have reference to below topic.

Hi Sir,
I appreciate your response. I read over the Xavier TRM that you referenced in the post. If you could offer any documentation on how to carry out uncore pmu events monitoring, that would be very helpful.
The file nvidia,carmel-pmu.txt is not found at the location Documentation/devicetree/bindings/platform/tegra/.
I’m grateful.

The file location is at “…/kernel/nvidia/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/platform/tegra”

Also note that CARMEL arch is not for Nano, it is for Xavier (this topic may be in wrong category).

Thank you for your reply.
I am able to get count of uncore events using perf tool.
I have one more query.
Is it possible to get the per core event count for an uncore pmu event?
Thanks in advance.

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