KNL OpenACC Support

is it expect, for the PGI compiler, to support the compilation of OpenACC code targeting the new Intel Knights Landing architecture?

If so, are there any expected date for the release of a PGI version able to do that?



Hi Enrico,

PGI support of OpenACC targeting KNL is still on our roadmap but I can’t say when that support is expected.

  • Mat

Just checking to see what the status of KNL support is circa February 2018.

Hi rbarnes,

The PGI 18.1 compilers will have support for KNL including AVX-512. However, due to Intel discontinuing future versions of the Phi, we have not put a lot effort in tuning our KNL code generation. Instead our efforts have been on tuning for the Skylake architecture which we will also support in 18.1.


Hi, now that the PGI 18.1 compiler has been released, how can I compile for KNLs ? Using ta=?

-ta=multicore -tp=knl