Known NvStreamDeMux bug - fixed now

The DeepStream 5.0.1 SDK has been released to fix the NvStreamDeMux issue mentioned in the topics.

We have identified the NvStreamDeMux issue raised by our user as the highest priority. The bug causes the output streams after the streamdemux to mix with other streams resulting in choppy video at the output of streamdemux.
This has been treated with the highest priority and we are working to fix the issue and will release a patch either on the forum or on DevZone shortly. Will notify on the forum, once the issue is fixed.

For reference, here are the few topics that has been raised by our users:
Sometime jumping index order frames after nvstreamdemux plugin
Soem frames from stream1 in stream2 when using nvstreamdemux
Deepstream-app buffer caching observed when using YoloV3 with multiple RTSP output streams


We are facing this error on 5.1-21.02-devel and 5.0.1 as well. We are running 30 RTSP Streams in and out on P4 in both driver versions 440.118.02 CUDA Version: 10.2 and 460.32.03 CUDA Version: 11.2. There is severe stream switching and pixilation in the feeds.

Already opened a ticket on Facing RTSP stream output switching (Frames of sinkX visible in stream of sinkY)