L4T 21.4 Kernel headers and supplements

Under L4T kernel/ directory, there are two tbz2 files called kernel_headers.tbz2 and kernel_supplements.tbz2. I was wondering, since I have the L4T source code obtained by using source_sync.sh, can I generate my own headers and supplements from the source somehow? If so, how do I do it?

I tried make module_prepare and make modules. But where do the output go? How can I specify it. Also when I used make modules, the output was similar to what I had when I untar the kernel_supplements.tbz2, but it was missing many files in the module/ dir and there were no extra/ and I have no idea where the contents of kernel_headers.tbz2 went.

Also it would be nice if someone can tell me what these tbz2 contain/for/are used by L4T. Specifically I will be modifying certain system calls, fs and network stack operations (above mac though), so are these compiled as external modules or into the zImage?


Hi quantumlight,

kernel_headers.tbz2 is “Kernel header files needed for compiling kernel modules. You can download these headers and sources from the nv_tegra git server.”
kernel_supplements.tbz2 is “Loadable kernel modules specific to the included kernel zImage that was built with the defconfig enabled for the device.”

Have you checked the latest version of Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide? You should be able to find the answer from there.