L4T drivers on Musl libc


We’re currently integrating the L4T driver package into our custom rootfs. To avoid GPL-3 related licence compliance issues we’re using the musl C library, however the L4T drivers are linked against glibc.

Would it be possible to get a copy of L4T compiled against musl/libc++?


Hi chriszjn1y,

We never tried with musl C, not sure how to do that, may other developer to share experience if they done before.

I can’t help on this, but I am very curious: Are you able to boot your Jetson with this and no glibc? Does it still use the Linux kernel?

It boots and runs fine (using the standard Linux kernel distributed with L4T). We’re not using the standard Ubuntu-based distribution - we’re using a custom distribution built using internal tools.

The goal of this (which has worked out quite well) is to build small rootfs images we can build into a squashfs and use with A/B updates (using two APP partitions rather than the one). With control over all the package versions we can better control updates, and can easily get a <100MiB rootfs to make over-the-air updates easier.

We’re happy to open-source this system if it would be of use to someone else.

@kayccc is it possible for us to get access to the source for the nvidia-drivers package and then we can compile ourselves. I would guess we need to sign an NDA of some desciption?

If this isn’t possible, could we get someone to compile the drivers with a different toolchain, such as using musl.cc rather than Linaro?

Many thanks,

Hi Chris,

what all software you are referring by nvidia-drivers package?


He would need code for any driver which links directly to anything previously glibc. His alternate Muscl C library just needs linking to be updated, which in turn does not require any code changes other than linking.