Largest sd card (in GB) supported by jetson xavier nx

I am currently using 32 GB with my xavier nx. I have to store some dataset in sd card. how far i can go without any trouble? Moreover what is the better option?

  • Having multiple memory cards or same with more space?
  • Using a flash drive to store datasets or dumping them into the sd card and directly accessing ?

Hi, what kind of data do you mean to store? There is SD card slot on module for usage.

I am running some convolutional neural networks. For training purpose, I want to store datasets on sd card.

Likely your best bet would be to change the boot to boot off SSD and then you can have loads of datasets on that disk. If you need more datasets, then simply plugin some more USB SSD, such as the Samsung T5 SSD’s. This series has 2TB SSD’s and they will support write speeds around 10x of an SD card.

This project will switch the boot from the SD card to a USB mountable SSD for you in one command:

Kim Hendrikse