Latest 545 release breaks GPU video decoding in Firefox

545.29.02 breaks hardware accelerated video decoding in Firefox. Moving over to the Vulkan dev branch (535.43.15) or the 545 beta brings back GPU video decoding in Firefox.

This is with the Vulkan beta driver while watching a YT video in Firefox:

With 545.29.02, no video will be GPU accelerated within Firefox.

same for Chrome
in Firefox its more or less ok, but any animation in Chrome makes system completely irresponsible

Is this on wayland? I thought GWE did not work on Wayland?

Check nvidia-vaapi site. There is a .11 release to fix it.

Im on x11

You’re right, GWE doesn’t work on Wayland. So that should answer your question for you.

Since Firefox AFAIK only supports vaapi, how did you install support for it? Using

OP is likely referencing Doesn't work with 545.29.02 (used to work with Beta 545.23.06) · Issue #256 · elFarto/nvidia-vaapi-driver · GitHub