Latest NVIDIA drivers for win 11 bad

Latest win 11 drivers for NVIDIA GPu are bad on windows 11.

I’m on 11 PRO latest build, and latest NVIDIA Drivers for 2080 SUPER cause GPU usage to spike from 50-99% in IDLE. Downgrading gpu 4-5 months fixes it.

Check out:

Open Issues:

  • Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) service may report higher GPU usage on some RTX 30-series configurations [3830387] Workaround: disable Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling from the Windows Settings
    It affects 20 series and 40 series too. Our next Game Ready Driver will have a fix for this.

Guess what, I have uninstalled every bit of NVIDIA…and using win11 default Drivers!
And I have ZERO problems, everything is fast!
Get rit of all Nvidia drivers! That’s the FIX!

If you downgrade to a older NVIDIA driver it works.
Date : 2020 - 04-03

Hi Ryan,
I did, but still NVIDIA drivers are slowing down, and are unreliable.
So, I go without the drivers…

Which version of driver are you on and date? You can check in taskmanager.

I have checked them all out!
Some are better, some are worse, but none of them are reliable…
These Drivers I have tried

You need to go back further than that, mine are 6 months old, and good.

around Date : 2020 - 04-03 should be good.