LCD display supported by driver 28.1 not 28.2

I have few following LCD displays that I want to connect to the Jetson TX2 developer kit. The LCD display is driven with a driver board which convert HDMI to DSI.

  • LCD display model: LS055D1SX05(G) (full spec can be downloaded from: )
  • LCD display resolution: UHD (3840x2160) - refresh rate 30Hz
  • Host system (used to flash the developer kit): Ubuntu 16.04

I flashed the latest version (R28.2.1, release date: 2018/06/13) of L4T Jetson TX2 Driver Package (along with the corresponding L4T Sample Root File System) to the TX2 developer kit. The system can boot to the OS (Ubuntu 14.04, 4.4.38-Tegra) properly via a normal monitor. However, after switch the HDMI output to the LCD display mentioned above, there is no output seen from the display.

Then I flashed the previous driver (R28.1, release date: 2017/07/24) to the developer kit. The LCD display works properly. I also tested with the preloaded system (which has similar built date as R28.1) that came with the developer kit. It worked as well.

I have two LCD display and two Jetson TX2 developer kit, I have tested both of them in turn, and the results were same.

Therefore, I wonder if there is any related changes for the display driver within the Tegra Ubuntu build between this two versions.

Thank you.


I think you should share the dmesg with us.