Libnvidia-ngx1 missing in Nvidia Debian repo

libnvidia-ngx1 is missing from the Nvidia Debian repo, so we’re not able to utilize features like DLSS and Raytracing, if we choose to install the nvidia-driver package from there.

The version of libnvidia-ngx1 in the official Debian repos (525.125.06-1) is built against the driver (525.125.06-1) from the official repos, so that libnvidia-ngx1 package won’t work with the latest nvidia-driver package (545.23.06-1 as of posting this) from the Nvidia/CUDA repos.

A reddit user found a workaround by extracting NVGX.dll and _NVGX.dll files from the .run file from the nvidia website, but this shouldn’t be the way to go. In my case it even broke the game, I was trying it out with.

So please consider adding the libnvidia-ngx1 to the Nvidia repo.