Libraries for PGI Community Edition compiler

I’ve installed the PGI Community Edition compiler (20.9) with OpenACC capabilities. However, the compilation of one app is not finding 3 libraries:, & My guess is that they’re either part of the CUDA components or the interface included in the compiler, but I haven’t been able to find any info about the first two. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any of these libraries or how they’re supposed to be built. Thanks.

What OS/distribution are you using, and what architecture?
If I remember correctly, is a shared library that implements C++11 atomic operations, and sounds like the runtime library for the HPC SDK C compiler nvc. Not sure about In any case, all three are bundled with the compiler.
In my installation (Ubuntu 20.04 x86_64). all three shared library files can be found in the following directory:

Hi @wythan,
I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 & reinstalled, and the libraries now appear at the lib subdirectory. Not sure why they weren’t showing up on Friday. Thanks.