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I am trying to compile the c1.c example in the PGroup literature. I am using a CentOS 6.2
64 bit system, but I am compiling for 32 bit. I get the output shown below. The system cannot find the file. I used the find command

find / -name

and found the file in


I assume it is a 64 bit file. Now why does it say it cannot find Is it because I am compilng for 32 bit and is clearly a 64 bit file? Is it becuase my LD_LIBARY_PATH does not point to it?

How do I get rid of this error? Also, how can I attach to my post in the Pgroup Forum? If I can at all?

Any help appreciated.

THX 1138.

/opt/pgi/linux86/2012/cuda/4.0/bin/cudafe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
PGC-W-0155-Compiler failed to translate accelerator region (see -Minfo messages): Device compiler exited with error status code (c3.c: 31)
31, Generating copyout(a[1:n-2][1:m-2])
Generating copyin(b[0:n-1][0:m-1])
Generating copyout(b[1:n-2][1:m-2])
33, Loop carried dependence due to exposed use of ‘b[0:n-1][0:m-1]’ prevents parallelization
Parallelization would require privatization of array ‘a[i2+1][1:m-2]’
Sequential loop scheduled on host
34, Loop is parallelizable
35, Loop is parallelizable
Accelerator kernel generated
41, Loop is parallelizable
42, Loop is parallelizable
Accelerator kernel generated
PGC/x86 Linux 12.5-0: compilation completed with warnings
/usr/bin/ld: cannot open output file a.out: Permission denied
[james@james accel]$

I found the answer to this one myslf. I just had to install 320bit CentOS libraries. That is all.

Thanks anyway.

THX 1138